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  • The Boilermaker Contractors' Association (BCA) was formed in 1971. Today it represents approximately 175 boilermaker contractors and is the number one employer group in Canada that employs members of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers.

    The Boilermaker Contractors' Association is an Association of Provincial and Territorial Contractors' Associations. Our membership operates under provincial and territorial legislation but also maintains a national perspective and negotiates collective agreements through the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers. Each jurisdiction in Canada has an Association except for Quebec, where the industry is governed by provincial regulations.
  • Why become a Member of the BCA?

    • Representation by the BCA in collective bargaining and long standing Collective Agreements
      containing established common terms and conditions
    • Responsible and responsive Labour Relations support and guidance
    • BCA provides promotion and support of a stable construction and maintenance industry
    There are many more benefits to membership. Click here to learn more.