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The BCA operates a Common Welder Program for boilermakers who are members of IBB Local Lodges 128 and 555 located in Ontario. The Ontario Common Welder Program was established in 1997 by the BCA and IBB Local Lodge 128 in order to develop and implement a program that reduces the number of times a welder has to test for the same welding process annually. Member contractors of the BCA of Ontario who participate in the Common Welder Program will attain cost-savings, as welders tested under the BCACWQ do not need to be tested every time they weld in the same process for a different BCA member contractor.

Welders tested under the Common Welder Program carry a current BCACWQ issued ticket to signify their completion of the testing.

The program is not intended to relieve the Contractor of the responsibility of testing welders for ASME code stamped work.

The BCA has worked in conjunction with the IBB Local 128 to determine the tests currently offered through the Common Welder Program: F3, F4, F6, GTAW/SMAW.

Only welding procedures registered and approved by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority are offered.

Participation Eligibility

The following are required in order to be eligible to participate in the Common Welder Program:

Benefits of the Common Welder Program

Testing Locations

There are four testing sites located in the province. To obtain further information about testing procedures or to schedule testing contact:

Hamilton area: ThomasMacNeil (

Sarnia area: Dalas Santavy (

Sudbury area: Joe Duprey (

Thunder Bay area: Darrell Bray (